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Welcome To Soul Clinic

Soul Clinic International School is a co – educational private mission school enrolling students in kindergarten through secondary (Form 5), ages 4 to 16 years old. We run and prepare students for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and for the development, confidence and the skill set needed for a lifetime of learning.

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Our Accolades

Just a few of our most recent achievements! Find out why thousands of students already add more focus to their work because of SCIS.

Best IGCSE School of the Year Ghana
Best IGCSE School Of The Year 2011
Best IGCSE School of the Year Ghana
Best IGCSE School Of The Year 2013
Best IGCSE School of the Year Ghana
Best IGCSE School Of The Year 2017

Amazing Alumni

Soul Clinic is dedicated to continuing to build relationships with our cherished alumni who have walked our hallways. Our school is a special and unique place to learn and grow.

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"My experience in SCIS has been extremely wonderful. My school has been an inspiring driving force and helped me throughout every difficulty I have faced. The care and love the whole school receives from the teachers, headmasters and the directors is exceptional. I have spent some of the best moments of my life in SCIS and have made a great deal of memories that I will cherish. I will always and forever be grateful to SCIS for always guiding me and motivating me to give my ultimate best."

Adreeja Bose, Class of 2022

"Soul Clinic International School (SCIS) brought a transformation into my life in terms of academic and social development. This has shaped me to become a better version of myself as I have acquired more knowledge wisdom and understanding especially in the scientific field. By this acquisition of knowledge, both academically and non-academically, we the Soul Clinicans believe that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us – Phillipians 4:13."

Kate Bansah, Class of 2019

"When I arrived at SCIS my English vocabulary was extremely limited. I found it very difficult to express myself confidently. However, with English lessons and encouragements from Administration, Staff and other students, I persevered and saw dramatic improvements. I am now really confident with my English ability and I immersed myself into many activities within the school and out because of this. The understanding and support I have received from Soul Clinic has been uplifting, and never-ending."

Mimi Boafo, Class of 2018

"I spent most of my academic years in SCIS and I must say, everything I am academically is because of the solid foundation I attained during my years at SCIS. Aside academics being in Soul Clinic taught me to believe in myself, it instilled principles in me like courage, perseverance through difficulties and above all it taught me that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, and thus is the motto of the Soul Clinic child and I am that child."

Selasie Dumakor, Class of 2011

“I’d describe my time as Soul Clinic, as a moment of redemption. Coming from a broken home, I was yet to experience family and I was defensively reserved. From my first day on the compound, the directors highlighted my strengths and introduced me to an open-door policy. This policy will lead me to discovering my talent, as I had a group of people who were willing to listen and shape my ideas. It almost feels like my time at Soul Clinic didn’t end. I say this because the school has given me contracts and jobs that prove that they trust in the quality of my Soul Clinic education.”

Oscar Ugoh, Class of 2013

“SCIS is a school with a heart, a dedicated management and a healthy environment. I first learned of SCIS when my son lived in Ghana from 2005 until 2014. Most of the SCIS graduated are accepted into top universities. The tuition is reasonable for the laudable accreditations of the school. SCIS pride itself with its excellent facilities and teaching staff. The student body is a diverse international group, enhancing the ambiance of the educational experience. I have and will continue to recommend SCIS. ”

Judd Welsh, S.C.I.S Parent

“As a Christian parent, I believe in the vision and mission of Soul Clinic International School. Three of my kids completed the school from the first grade to the last and my last child is now in the 6th grade.

A hub for establishing meaningful networking in an educational instituition for the kids- meeting other children from all walks of life and different countries. The teachers and administration are very helpful going the extra mile to aid students anyway they can. I would recommend Soul Clinic International School any day. ”

Catherine Mingle Ayertey, S.C.I.S Parent

I always wanted to give the best education to my children even before I completed school.  That is why God led us to SCIS, I believe. This is because the school is very good. What SCIS input into their students and for that matter humanity, is enormous. The products of SCIS are people who can face life with all the confidence required.  The leadership of S.C.I.S is great and they are doing an extraordinary work! They are not only trained in the academic work but also in all spheres of life. The training the Children get at S.C.I.S is their foundation to greatness. 

Mr. Bedjrah, S.C.I.S Parent

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