Ashwathi Nair

Biotechnology and Biology
About Me

Soul Clinic International School is a part of my heart I call home, 11 years has been a remarkable journey. From every mistakes made to lessons learnt I can truly say I am proud to be part of the family. Each corner of the school has a special memory; every teacher has a special place in my heart as because of their amazing skills I am where I am. The day began with such excitement and anticipation as we ran down for our daily assembly, proud I was and still am while we sang the schools anthem; “We are the boys and girls of Soul clinic international school…” The smell of the chalks and blackboards are still fresh in my memory, waiting patiently or maybe not so patiently for our teachers to begin each class however the one thing everyone waited for was the break time. The rush to the canteen behind the building was mere joy, not to forget the incredible aunty Martha’s yam and chicken. Those Tuesday club and activities time was very interesting, switching from one club to the other was always fascinating. Getting to meet and interact with other students more, moreover allowing you to create a bond whether be it seniors or juniors. Having a special bond with every teacher was certainly the best, most often students are always scared to face them however in our situation we have always been in contact with the best teachers and with whom till date we share a special bond. Walking into Soul clinic even after years never feels weird or different; the love being shared by one another is truly magical. Many amazing relationships have been made here and the same people are closer to us stronger and stronger as time passes. One thing I can proudly say is that even after a decade soul clinic would warmly with open arms welcome you like it is your first day. I am thankful to be part of this amazing journey and also thankful for such amazing directors with whom we all share a special bond with.

Why Study At Soul Clinic?

Find out why students want to study at Soul Clinic International School

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Balanced Learning Environment 

While focusing on instilling in our students the importance of their academics and to embrace learning we also believe in tapping into their talents, gifts and interests.

Attention To Well-Being

Like any parent, we want your child to achieve and soar in Soul Clinic International School and more importantly; we want each student to feel cared for and at ease.

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Tight Knit Community

SCIS sincerely has a strong community feel. After 53 years of education seeing students and parents over the years still keeping in touch is testament to the commitment of friendship between both the students and their parents.

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Extra Curricular Activities 

The initial representation of school is where students come to learn, but learning at SCIS goes beyond the classroom. We strongly believe in addition to academics lessons can be learnt outside the classroom which are vital in the preparation of a child’s life. 

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