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We’re on a mission to deliver holistic education based on solid Christian principles to students from different parts of the world and backgrounds. 

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 Who We Are

Soul Clinic International School is a co – educational private mission school enrolling students in kindergarten through secondary (Form 5), ages 4 to 16 years old.  We run and prepare students for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and for  the development, confidence and the skill set needed for a lifetime of learning. 

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Philippians 4:13
Our Motto

Our Story

We believe each child has been gifted by God with so many things to offer this world and has been created for a purpose. At S.C.I.S with wisdom from above, we inspire our students to develop a “forward thinking” approach towards their learning so that they appreciate the value of studying, hard work and accepting constructive feedback from faculty and their peers. 

In our school there is a noticeable sense of community. We seek to create a pleasant environment in which both students and faculty engage in rigorous and imperative work. Encouraging our students to embrace every challenge they face with resilience and rational thinking. This is just one of our many methods to help them adapt as they emerge into the real world, with God being their guide.  

Providing opportunities that allow our students to communicate, collaborate, think creatively, express their imagination and look for other solutions to problems when things don’t go to plan are also ways we instigate developmental growth for all our students. All these qualities help in enabling each child to be an asset wherever God calls them after they complete S.C.I.S. 

Forming strong partnerships with parents and guardians of our students is another way we believe helps in the progression of our pupils. Parents respected comments, views and concerns are always appreciated and valued. We believe a grounded relationship helps in the shaping of the child’s wellbeing in regards to not only their academics but their overall development. 

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Message from the Director  of SCIS

Students of the great happy and blessed Soul Clinic International School, no matter what guard the boundaries of your soul as you grow gracefully. Do not let in anything ungodly, your soul is not for sale, If you lose it, there is no redeeming you. Fear God, Revere God, Trust in God and have everlasting life forever. Remember you are great Soul Clinicans and no one has any power over the JESUS in You, except it has been given from above. Your goal in life is to be the highest representation of who you are in CHRIST. Amen.

Mrs. McCauley

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