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Soul Clinic International School balances experiences in critical thinking and creative insight with a strong foundation in liberal studies. We emphasize the convergence of technical skill and conceptual innovation.

Art Department

At Soul Clinic International School, we recognize the eternal importance of Fine Arts discipline as a thing harness and develop, as it applies to just about each and every feature of life. For our students, persistence in learning to master various types of art media and media techniques, often times before, during and after school, extracurricular activity time and on their own, inadvertently or deliberately, leave a lasting effect on our students’ psyche.

Time and effort play enormous roles in the  acquisition  of skills that make an artist. Exploration and experimentation with art media(materials such as wet media-acrylic, water colour,poster, oil and ink and dry media-charcoal, graphite and pastels), increase the student’s abilities to control said media techniques. Our students learn to develop skills accuracy, direct observation and recording of their findings through the media processes they learn to master.

There is much gratification to be had once the uncertainty in an artist in the making is replaced with clarity in recognition of visual elements and ability to express ideas, once the threshold at artistic mastery is breached. Patience in their art education is a must for our students! They learn that is ok to make mistakes while learning art techniques and they grow to appreciate the beauty in making them, as it is through these mistakes they develop they own skillsets, which when combined with what they grasp during school lessons, propel them unto advanced artistic planes.

Other than for academic purposes, scientific corroboration authenticates the necessity of Fine Art in the educational system. The Arts challenge students to become engaged and self-educating, to understand diversity and peer support, while they strive for excellence at every level. Therefore it comes naturally, our appreciation for the Fine Arts education as a vital part of the school system and encourage its promotion in our talented students, which is why we also encourage their involvement in our extracurricular activities, in this regard the art club.

Michelangelo, one of the great and most recognizable artists in the world, inspired generations and generations of artists with the realism and intense insight of his paintings and sculptures. His diligence, patience and hard work are what most artists to hone in themselves and at Soul Clinic International School we aspire to do the same for our students.

Ms. Anum - Brown
Head of Art Department

Music Department

Musical Department Image

The Department of Music at Soul Clinic International School is a vibrant student-oriented unit of the school. The department is accessible to all students, responsive to their musical interests and aims at unearthing creativity in them. The department strives to meet educational needs and also develop young musical talents of a diverse student body through instruction, performance and inter-cultural tolerance. Additionally, the department fosters the highest standards of teaching through the ABRSM(Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), an examination board and registered charity based in London, England, with 100% high score grades for the past decade.

The SCIS school band and Orchestra is a timeless testimony of our value for the art of music and also how our students are developed over time from novices to musical pros.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination and life to everything!”- Plato

Our primary goals include:


  • Providing professional education that develops nurtures and assures competency in all aspects of the discipline for our learners.
  • Encouraging development of the creative, intuitive, and intellectual capabilities of students and audience.
  • Imbibing traditional musical concepts as an added value of our learners through excellence in instruction, composition and performance.
  • Support collaborations between music and related disciplines as well as cultivate and apply new approaches to performance and education.
  • Our core objectives is to offer a range of the highest quality musical instruction of pre-professional, professional musicians and instrumentalist.
  • The SCIS Music Department is student friendly, set up to inspire and unveil the interest of young people to the Music discipline and to greatly contribute confidence and precision in our learners.
Mr. Swoampzy - Obimpeh
Head of Music Department

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