Thank you for your interest in S.C.I.S. We aim to make the transition to S.C.I.S as smooth as possible.

We have a list of entry requirements for your child/children applying to join S.C.I.S and welcome enquiries for admission throughout the year. We however encourage early admission to avoid any chances of no vacancy, however, we are understanding of unforeseen circumstances. Depending on the situation we are able to tailor the admission process to accommodate your requirements.  

S.C.I.S welcomes students from all backgrounds and cultures. We base our acceptance of a student primarily on their performance on academic assessments. However, our process is very friendly and focuses on providing each student with the best advice on all options for all levels.

Our dedicated faculty offers all students attention, thanks to the consideration of class sizes and ample teaching hours, which help in building each student’s self-esteem.

This approach to learning results in our students consistently soaring in their exams and gaining admission in top universities all around the world.

Our Kindergarten Beginners (KB) welcomes children from the term they turn 4 years old and children may join kindergarten Beginners(KB) to grade 6 from term 1 and 2. Term 3 is promotional term and we do not accept new students for that term.

Our secondary school welcomes children from age 12 (Grade 7) to age 14 (year 9) from term 1 and 2. Children aged 15 entering year 10 are only accepted in Term 1 because of O’ level preparations. 

We would require a recent transcript from the child’s previous school, a completed application form that will be given to you in person, authentic copies of passport, birth certificate, medical card, 2 current report cards, 2 passport-sized photo of the student attached to the completed form. 

We understand how important it is to make the right choice for your child and our admissions faculty and heads help you do just that. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help with all your enquiries. 

Once admission is sought after, the parent is provided dates convenient to them to bring in their child/children to do the assessment. 

We encourage parents to bring in their wards bright and early, giving them approximately 2 hours to finish the assessments, consisting of English, Math and Science for Upper level admission and English and Math for primary level admission.

The tuition will can be obtained from the school office during enquiry of admission. 

Exchange Rates
Whenever the cedi equivalents of fees are to be paid, the exchange rate should be obtained. 

Admission fee:
The admission fees shall be paid only when a new student gains admission into the school. 

The tuition shall be paid in three terms, for all students on or before the start of each term

Prospective students are welcome along with their parents to visit the school throughout the school year. 

S.C.I.S has a mandatory uniform and dress code for all students. Uniforms have many positive purposes, including the following: 

  • The uniform reassures students to express their uniqueness through their personality and academics and not their outward appearances. 
  • The uniform projects seriousness, cohesiveness and neatness.

Uniforms can be purchased at the school. 

Please ensure that students are neat and well groomed for school daily. Slippers, colorful shoes and socks, cosmetics, jewelry, hair weaves hair colors, hair extensions etc. are not permitted. Hairstyles for girls must be appropriate for school, either in a bun or braided and pulled back. Boys should have well combed hair or neatly cut.  No tattoos or multiple piercings are permitted.

This sections has been customised based on our previous prospects needs, if you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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