Discipline at SCIS is based on Godly Values. Our ultimate goal is to foster in each child a deep- rooted love for God and their neighbour. Respect for themselves that will lead to inner discipline and a well-ordered life. Parents should see that their child obey all school and classroom rules. In terms of disciplinary measure, teachers have full authority. Children have the right to learn, teachers have the right to teach. 

Parents are urged to become involved into the total education of their children; therefore communication on a regular basis is necessary. If parents wish to discuss their child’s progress with a teacher, they must do so outside of class hours. When a parent interrupts a teacher, it takes valuable time away from the entire class. Appointments may be made through the school office. 

Fighting, disrespecting figures of authority, defacing property and injuring another student will call for immediate suspension.

Deliberately injuring or being violent towards another student or anyone on the premises will call for immediate suspension or expulsion.  

Expulsion: Expulsion means a person is permanently dismissed from the school. This is a very serious matter and not after much communication with parent, student and teacher thus the administration of the school, takes action. This is a very serious matter and after much communication with parent, student and teacher, administration of the school, takes action.

The school is prohibited from administering any other drug besides paracetamol or tricillicate to a student only when needed. 

Incase your child shows any signs of unwellness at school, the parent listed in case of an emergency will be contacted immediately.If the child shows any signs of ailment before coming to, Parents must keep him or her at home .

Nearby Medical Service - Akai House Clinic and 37 Military Hospital. If your child has any health issues or allergies please make sure it is indicated on the admission form. 

  • The uniform reassures students to express their uniqueness through their personality and academics and not their outward appearances. 
  • The uniform projects seriousness, cohesiveness and neatness.

Uniforms can be purchased at the school. 

In SCIS, we ensure there is properly catered lunches and snacks daily. We have a catering service, which provides lunch from a varied menu. Our students and teaching staff are able to enjoy balanced healthy meals both local dishes and international dishes. 

We also have a canteen in which bottled water and drinks are sold. 

Parents also have the option to providing their own snacks/lunches if they choose to. There are two recreational breaks daily. 

The school’s whatsapp group is a very useful and efficient way of communicating to all the parents of S.C.I.S. All information sent are relevant to anything that pertains to the students.

Whatsapp Platform Code of conduct. Parents must adhere to the guidelines when on the whatsapp group. 

  • The group must never be used as a platform to cause alarm that is regarding a teacher, child or parent in the class or school.
  • Anything related to politics or opinions about currents affairs should never be posted on the group. 
  • Everyone on the group should be mindful of their language and have mutual respect and cultural sensitivity between all other parents on the group. 
  • Everyone on the group should be mindful of their language and have mutual respect and cultural sensitivity between all other parents on the group. 
  • Posting defamatory comments or pictures in the group are inappropriate.
  • Using social media to challenge school policies or discuss issues about any student is not allowed. 
  • Intimidating, threatening or using bad language towards staff or any individual of S.C.I.S is also considered inappropriate. 

Should you have any concerns about inappropriate behavior on this platform, please contact the heads.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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