Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate that parents/carers who are new to our school will have many questions and concerns.

Staff at the school are often asked questions in relation to your child’s education, school timings, procedures and a myriad of other topics. We wont have answered them all here of course but we have provided answers below to our most commonly asked questions in the hope that parents are able to find information they are looking for quickly without having to take time out to contact the school. If your particular question is not answered here then please do contact the school

What are the school hours from Monday to Friday?
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Classes are in session from Monday to Friday only, unless a sports activity with other schools or trip is taking place during the weekends. School hours for every students starts at 8:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm. On Tuesdays school ends at 4:00 pm because of extra curricular activities.

Do you have a school bus?
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Yes, we have a school bus but it is only used for taking the students on short fields trips or off site activities and events.

Do you have any after school activities?
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There are a number of after school activities we offer. Music, Art, Tae Kwon do, Modeling, Chess Club, Pottery, Debate club, Ballet, Swimming, Golf. Depending on the club activity, the students are taken by the school bus to the off site location and brought back to the school premises to be picked up by their parent/guardian. Due to covid we are currently only offering a few of them for the time being.

What is IGCSE?
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The IGCSE is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. By the beginning of 9th grade students are given a list of subjects to choose from.  A minimum of 7 subjects and a maximum of 9 are chosen by each student leading them to formal UK based internationally recognized qualifications at the end of Grade 11.

Do you offer A- Levels?
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No, we focus primarily in O’ level and prepare our students to excel and soar in their o’levels giving them the option to further continue to doing A levels or IB and some instances pursue going straight to university after taking SAT’s.

Are you a boarding school?
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No, we are a day school only.

What are your fees?
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Our fees are discussed when a parent / guardian comes in to seek admission.

How much are the school uniforms?
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S.C.I.S has a mandatory uniform and dress code for all students. Uniforms can be purchased at the school when seeking admission.

What are your exchange rates?
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Whenever the cedi equivalents of fees are to be paid, the exchange rate should be obtained based on the current rate.