Welcome to Soul Clinic International School an embodiment of qualified education who’s first and foremost interest is the student at the center of every action is a truly special place to learn together. I have had the pleasure of serving as a teacher for 16 years, since 1995 and now Head of the Secondary department for the past 10 years, I also find it a privilege and pleasure in seeing children and young adults grow and develop through our nurturing to become responsible adults and the best they can. My students are my life line, I cannot watch them fail. I trust and believe our website and prospectus will give you a glimpse of what we stand for. I am sure you will have no questions about entrusting the education, nurturing and care we give to our children and young adults. 

Our staff is known as the Anointed team (“A” Team)  that I am very proud of, they are highly dedicated and motivated, striving to provide students with the best possible opportunities to grow and develop and in the process, “educating one mind, one soul at a time.” 

We encourage our students to engage in co – curricular activities to help them unearth their various talents apart from academic work and it will surprise you to see the kind of programs these students come up with. Our students are our assets. 

Our mission is to ensure our students are nurtured and trained to meet the standards anywhere they find themselves and to take up the reigns of leadership, hence, educating one mind, one soul at a time.Our facilities are excellent with a peaceful learning environment. Our students always want to be in school, irrespective of age and level. 

We have wonderful parents whose support is very commendable. We say thank you. And for our new parents, we say welcome to S.C.I.S blessed family. For those who are now contemplating choosing us, we hope you find the information provided here useful and pray it helps your decision and choice. We are on standby to receive  you and make you and your ward / wards happy. 

Mr. Lanomo
Head of Secondary Department 

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