Tarek Boschi

About Me

I recall Soul Clinic International School as beyond an ‘institution’, it is a sanctuary, which molded my life to what it is now. Alongside the cultural diversity of the students in the school, SCIS has an incredible reputation for its academics and solemnity, which I believe is a great place for anyone to develop academically and become an all-rounded adult. SCIS has provided me the tools, discipline and knowledge to carve the path I would ultimately take to get me where I am today. I started off in Kindergarten in the year 1998 with a clean canvas right in front of me, and by the end of 11th grade the foundation for this canvas had already been drafted. What did I appreciate most about SCIS? The teachers – they were like a backbone for me, they recognized the potential I had and they supported me throughout the years. Apart from being just teachers they were also like friends to me, sharing laughs and stories from their youth. I learned a lot from them both inside and outside the classroom, and up to now I still remember their jokes and stories. In particular, I am indebted to the science teachers for sparking my interest in studying science and from that time forth I began putting in all the hard work that was required to excel in the sciences. The teachers were like my role models, they were very passionate about the subjects they taught and in this way they sort of inspired me to be the best I could in the subjects I enjoyed studying the most. To this end I went ahead to further my education abroad with an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology in Italy, followed by a Master’s degree in Infectious Diseases in the UK. At present, I work in the UK as a Biotechnologist for a multinational biopharmaceutical company called Lonza, where we manufacture and develop biological drugs especially antibodies for treating diseases from cancers to genetic disorders. In fact, my company partnered with Moderna therapeutics to manufacture the Moderna vaccine to fight against Covid-19! Right now my career is progressing at an accelerated rate in the right direction and I am thankful to the SCIS staff for making me realize that I was cut out for this line of work. All their support and praises have certainly paid off. My experience at SCIS will be an unforgettable one, full of great memories and challenges. Once I left SCIS, what I could take away with me are only these amazing memories we shared and the friendships that would last for many years to come.

Why Study At Soul Clinic?

Find out why students want to study at Soul Clinic International School

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Balanced Learning Environment 

While focusing on instilling in our students the importance of their academics and to embrace learning we also believe in tapping into their talents, gifts and interests.

Attention To Well-Being

Like any parent, we want your child to achieve and soar in Soul Clinic International School and more importantly; we want each student to feel cared for and at ease.

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Tight Knit Community

SCIS sincerely has a strong community feel. After 53 years of education seeing students and parents over the years still keeping in touch is testament to the commitment of friendship between both the students and their parents.

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Extra Curricular Activities 

The initial representation of school is where students come to learn, but learning at SCIS goes beyond the classroom. We strongly believe in addition to academics lessons can be learnt outside the classroom which are vital in the preparation of a child’s life. 

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